Tinsoldierman is a new solo project from Montreal-based singer-songwriter Trevor Anderson.

Lo-fi yet cinematic folk rock, with frequent nods to soul and country, Tinsoldierman songs take their cue from songwriting heroes like Ray Davies, Robyn Hitchcock and Dan Treacy. These are heartfelt, wry anthems for anyone bewildered by 21st Century life (i.e. most of us).

Trevor had previously released music under his own name. 2017’s Sphaera was a moody psychedelic space opera about the heavenly bodies featuring Mellotron-heavy chamber pop and B-movie electronica. It soundtracked the award-winning Eye Steel Film documentary “Let There Be Light”. 

The High Dials

The High Dials are an acclaimed indie pop band from Canada. Over 20+ years, they’ve built a unique musical universe ranging across 60’s psychedelia, power pop and melancholic post-disco. Primitive Feelings was their sixth album—an achievement in itself in an age of fast-disappearing attention spans and even faster disappearing guitars.

On Nov. 3, 2023 the band celebrated their 20th birthday with a re-release of the record that started it all—A New Devotion.

The band’s line-up features Trevor Anderson (vocals/miscellaneous), Robbie MacArthur (guitars), Max Hebert (drums), Chuck Pham-Dang (keys) and Simon Quevillon (bass).