Tinsoldierman – The EP Collection

Tinsoldierman is a new project from Montreal-based singer-songwriter Trevor Anderson.

Lo-fi yet cinematic folk rock, with frequent nods to soul and country, these are songs for anyone bewildered by 21st Century life (i.e. most of us).

Released on leap year day in 2024, “Sphinx Jinx” was the first of a series of EPs to come in 2024.

Sphinx Jinx

The Sphinx Jinx EP

“Sphinx Jinx” (Feb. 29, 2024) was the Tinsoldierman debut.

Against a moody backdrop of shimmering strings and echoing 50’s guitars, “Tidal Dreams” soundtracks your recurring dream about that person you’d rather forget.

“Sphinx Jinx” is a four-part existential chat with the mythical beast of legend (bad news—she has a worse attention span than you do). Early Floyd and Incredible String band fans should dig.

Humour and self-awareness keep the drama in check. See “Hangxiety Blues”—a jazzy anthem for shameovers, built on old Optigan keyboard loops.


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Crown Of Seasons

Crown Of Seasons EP

“Crown of Seasons” (May 1, 2024) was the second release.

Written during pandemic lockdowns, when technology briefly lost its death grip, “Crown Of Seasons” captures the wonder of noticing nature again (for the first time), and the longing and hope that come with changing seasons.

Intimate and minimalist, “St. Brendan” re-imagines the journey of an Irish saint—from wild youth to suburban routine and back again.

“Rover’s Song” is an epic, haunting ode to wanderlust with an ethereal climax that may summon a few banshees.


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